Divinations by Rachel Phillips

  • 15 life-size reproductions of cabinet cards (front and back)

  • 7.5 x 5.5 inches

  • Printed in USA, 2016

  • Hand punched and folded spiral binding

  • $30 + free USA/economy international shipping

Fixed by Rachel Phillips as Madge Cameron

Treadwell Press is pleased to announce a newly expanded publication of FIXED, featuring the work of artist Rachel Phillips' alter-ego Madge Cameron, a reclusive librarian born in San Francisco in 1935. Phillips writes about Cameron:

"Working to digitize the extensive photographic holdings of the private library where she works, Cameron discovered accidentally that by moving the photograph while the image was being recorded, she could separate the image into its color channels, resulting in a strange 3D effect. At first irritated with what she saw as failed work, Cameron eventually came to embrace the 'process of interruption,' as she puts it. 'I came to see the process as a metaphor for what I do as an archivist; each piece becomes a visual cross-reference of itself.'"

  • 32 pages, 14 color plates, autobiographical notes

  • Spiral bound, 12x12 inches

  • Printed in USA, Second printing, 2016

  • 3D glasses included

  • $30 + free USA/economy international shipping

The Madge Cameron 10" Zip Bag

Because art should be fun more often: the Madge Cameron go anywhere zip bag features two images from the series Fixed—on one side is a detail from "Superman," on the other "Locket Sisters."

  • 10" wide by 7.5" tall

  • Custom printed polyester canvas with grey/blue cotton denim lining

  • Sturdy metal zipper

  • Vegan leather zipper pull

  • hand wash and hang to dry

  • Printed and stitched in Canada

  • $25 with secure Paypal transaction

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