Intrepid Girl Photographer Books

Archival Pigment Cover over Vintage Paperback, 4.5 x 7 x .5 inches

About Intrepid Girl Photographer is the fictional heroine of an imaginary series of eponymous paperbacks penned by an invented author named Tabatha Misty. The series riffs on pulp and detective fiction, as well as the vocabulary and tropes of photography, to create an alternative feminist footnote to the history of a medium in which women photographers are too often only notable exceptions to the rule.

Each book in the series is an original, vintage paperback mystery novel by Agatha Christie to which a newly made, yet carefully distressed, cover has been adhered (Agatha Christie, in addition to being the world’s best-selling author, was also an avid photographer). The covers are crafted from an extensively researched collection of design elements combined with original photographs and vintage illustrations.