A ghost light is a single bulb left illuminated near center stage when a theater is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark.

Superstition holds that a ghost light provides opportunity for the resident ghosts of the theater to perform onstage when everyone else has left for the night.

About Ghost Light Theaters

In 2016, renowned archivist Madge Cameron discovered a treasure trove deep in the dusty depths of her archive in San Francisco: a series of Art Deco tabletop theater lanterns with interchangeable slides produced in the 1930’s by Treadwell Press. These Ghost Light Theaters feature elaborately cut Art Deco facades, hand-applied pastel colors and an electric candlelight fitted inside. The theaters come with a choice of image sequence printed on handmade Japanese paper.

Treadwell Press is thrilled to be re-releasing these theaters in a limited quantity beginning in 2018. Each theater is handmade in every detail by Rachel Phillips.